Bougainvillea Café

Nicobar Bracelet

R 695

A pristine & unreachable archipelago of clear blue waters, creamy sand, lush jungle, mangroves and flaming coral floats in splendid isolation in the Bay of Bengal stretching almost to Burma and Thailand playing host to endless varieties of exotic flora and fauna. Our precious Nicobar Bracelet combines Indian Ocean sunset pinks, the richest jungle greens & our favourite good luck symbol, the elephant.

Serpentine, Faceted Rose Quartz, Resin Elephant, Mother of Pearl, Baroque Pearl, Glass Trade Beads, Cloisonne, Gold Plated Brass Beads, Approx Length 170mm

*Please note due to the natural and handmade nature of the components used in this piece, no two items will be exactly the same.  Any inconsistencies in the components are characteristics of the materials and should not be considered defects.

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