Bougainvillea Café

Isola Necklace

R 945

Coral is one of our favourite motifs and can be found throughout our designs. So we were  excited to use this gorgeous coral branch pendant finished in a matte gold with some equally beautiful burnt orange faceted cubic zirconia beads. Pair with a knotted white shirt and sarong to really show off the deep bronze and gold tones of this holiday essential.

Matte Gold Zamak Pendant, Faceted Cubic Zirconia Beads, Approx Length 85cm (No Clasp) Coral Pendant is 4cm

*Please note due to the natural and handmade nature of the components used in this piece, no two items will be exactly the same, nor will the components be identical.  Any inconsistencies in the components are characteristics of the materials and should not be considered defects.

*Please note that o
ur Jewellery is plated with either a fine gold or matte gold plating. Please note that a matte surface may become shinier or fade with wear. These surface treatments will fade over time because of contact with clothes, hard surfaces, sweat, perfume, hairspray & air pollution. Every day or very frequent wear, may speed up this process, especially on items like extension chains & clasps or the backs of pendants, which have more frequent contact with skin.

To best care for your jewelry, do not wear it in the shower, ocean, or pool and avoid contact with perfumes, cosmetics & sweat as they will cause tarnishing & damage. Avoid dropping or banging your jewelry on hard surfaces and do not store your items in the bathroom. Storing your jewelry in the bag provided will help to maintain it over time.

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