Bougainvillea Café

Amber Earring

R 895

Introducing our new Amber earrings, a gorgeous huggie earring and charm combination. Warm amber coloured water buffalo horn is carved into classic heart shapes and embellished with tiny brass bees. Go Boho or pair with neutrals and denim for a classic look with personality.

Water Buffalo Horn, Gold Plated Brass Huggie, Approx Length 36mm 

*Please note due to the natural and handmade nature of the components used in these earrings, no two sets of earrings will be exactly the same. Any inconsistencies in the components are natural characteristics of the materials and should not be considered defects.

*Our Water Buffalo Horn components come from the mountainous parts of Asia where local families consume water buffalo meat in their traditional dishes. Therefore, no water buffalos are hunted just for the sake of horn production.

*Because no Water Buffalo Horns are identical colour may vary from a golden brown to lighter amber colour. We hope you enjoy your truly unique jewels!


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